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    Name: Matt Onken, Special Education Teacher (SLD, E/BD) 
    Phone Number: (651) 415-5367
    Program: NE Metro 916 Area Learning Centers
    Location: East View Academy, Metro Heights Academy, Mahtomedi Learning Center
    All Students Want to Succeed!
    My name is Matt Onken and I am the special education teacher for all three of our Area Learning Center programs.  I am starting my third year at NE Metro District #916 and have been a special education teacher for over 8 years.  This is my second career, but I have spent my entire adult life working with at-risk students.  Prior to entering the field of special education I spent time working in group homes, juvenile detention facilities, volunteering as a probation officer and working as a social worker for child and family services as well as child protection.  I believe every student wants to succeed and my role is to help guide them to the next step.  
    Special education services are delivered in a unique manner at our Area Learning Centers.  We do not have resource rooms and students are not scheduled into specific service times, they are in the general education setting 100% of their day.  Services are provided through some one-to-one pull out, some in class provision, through academic supports and modifications, and general case management.
    If you have more questions please call or e-mail me and I would be glad to speak with you about our programming.