Area Learning Center

Metro Heights Academy

Welcome to Metro Heights Academy!

ALC Purpose: We will be an innovative, personalized and collaborative learning environment that inspires and requires everyone to reach his or her full potential. 
Metro Heights Academy is located at 
7122 University Avenue NE
Fridley, MN 55432
Classroom Day hours
Monday-Friday 8:15am-2:30 pm
Evening Classes
Monday-Thursday 2:37pm-5:41pm
 Enrollment Procedures
Students interested in enrollment should call or stop by the office at the location they wish to attend and pick up an registration packet.  Registration materials can be faxed in, mailed in, or e-mailed to or dropped off at Metro Heights.
Please click on the link below to be re-directed to the registration packet. If you have any questions please contact Amanda at 651-415-5690.
 Below is the step by step process to enrolling at Metro Heights Academy.
  • Student should complete the registration packet for enrollment
  • Obtain school records from previous school(s)***
  • Submit registration packet and previous records to Metro Heights
  • Assistant principal will review records
  • Office will call student/parent for Intake appointment
  • Student intake appointment will take place to make a class schedule and a start date will be given. 
***transcript, Immunization record, GRAD/MCA test scores, (if applicable IEP, Evaluation Report to IEP, 504 plan)
One side note please stay enrolled at your current school until you are completely enrolled at Metro Heights. Once you are enrolled you may withdraw from your previous school.
 Phone: 651-415-5690
Fax: 651-415-5699