• Goal Met: The Story of Our Launch

    Posted by Katherine Alberg on 5/24/2013
    Today is a very special day for many 916 students that helped build this boat.  The boat builders will be be launching the Skiff!
    We are all very excited to see the students celebrate this great achievement!
    completed boal  
    The day was sunny; the clouds thin and scattered throughout the sky.  A perfect date to launch the Mississippi River Skiff
    preparing for launch  
    It appears that Shawn is a natural!
    Andrew is ready to get out in the water!
    Jon brings so much joy to many students and staff
    jon and katie  
    And can really move this boat!
    Thank you, Phil!  You have inspired our students so much; teaching and supporting them along the way!phil
    An experience that will never be forgotten!
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  • Final Touches

    Posted by Katherine Alberg on 5/9/2013
    It's almost nostalgic, but I like to call it bittersweet. 
    Building the Mississippi Skiff brings people together. 
    the crew  
     From left to right: Phil, Shawn, Jon, Jordan, Andrew, Ed, Barb, Danielle, Katie, and Austin
    Danielle and Andrew work on installing back seat
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  • construction=complete

    Posted by Katherine Alberg on 5/2/2013
    Week 11 at Urban Boatbuilders----having some fun
    Crew here adding prime to the boat
    Today marks the end of our construction.  The boat is almost complete!
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  • Ruh Ro Rubrails

    Posted by Katherine Alberg on 4/25/2013
    Jordan and Andrew and installation of the keel
    great shot  
     Noah sanding the thwart knees
    The boat crew worked on several things today:  sanding both the oars and twart knees and
    installing the keel.  Great day at Urban Boats!
    week 10  
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  • Slice and Plug

    Posted by Katherine Alberg on 4/18/2013
    Heading to the shop at Capital View today to work on the boat, marking our 10th week.
    This is what April 18, 2013 looks like outside.....but it won't stop us from getting things done in the shop!
    april spring snow showers  
    The crew meet for a huddle and Phil explains the plan of attack for today
    ten hut  
    Checklist on Board
    Katie works with Danielle on installing the port rubrails 
    dynamic duo  
    Mission accomplished!
    danielle and katie  
    Danielle is such a trooper working on the Mississippi Skiff
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  • Sand that Oar Jon!

    Posted by Katherine Alberg on 4/11/2013
     We are in the 9th week of Urban Boat Builders.  Check out the progress!!!  Unreal....and no I'm not talking about today's winter snow storm. 
    boat at 9 weeks  
     There was much work to be done to install the seats. 
    Check it out!
    danielle and front seat  
    Andrew and Richie work on preparing the plugs 
    andrew and drill press  
     Jordan and Jon tackled the sanding of the oars.  And at the end of the day.....boy, they were pretty darn smooth.  Nice work guys!
    jordan and jon
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  • Week #8 UBB Crew Welcomes Jordan!.... and works on the front seat cleat!

    Posted by Katherine Alberg on 4/4/2013
      The 916 boat builders are now in Week 8 of building the Mississippi Skiff and it is looking great!
    boat at week 8  
    We also have a new crew member!  Jordan, from WELS-South joins the boat builders.  Jordan has been a great addition!
    Austin gives him some hints on installing the front seat cleat; check this out!  The really cool thing about this enrichment project is it offers the opportunity to meet new people! 
    austin and jordan  
    Jordan proves to be a natural at boat building.  His teacher Sue is very impressed.  
    austin working  
     Here Jon shows off the work he put into the oar today!  Good stuff Jon!
    jon and oar  
    Phil and Andrew work on installing the front seat cleat
    phil and andrew  
    Ed and Danielle
    danielle and ed  
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  • Shaping and Bedding

    Posted by Katherine Alberg on 3/28/2013
    Sorry, just one picture for this post!
    Today in the shop, Jon removed washers and reset screws.  Danielle put bedding compound on the quarter knees.
    Below, you see a shot of Andrew and Austin using the spoke shaver as he works to give more shape to the oars.
    Andrew and oar
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  • Gaining self confidence with a bandsaw

    Posted by Katherine Alberg on 3/21/2013
    Week #6---Spring break is a thing of the past and the crew are back in the shop, full effect!
    The Agenda for Today
    todays agenda  
    A little reluctant at first, Danielle takes a deep breath and gives the band saw a whirl!
    danielle practices   
    She passes the training / practice and is ready to make a pattern for the breasthook
    danielle and confidence  
    Andrew and Ed:  Andrew spends his time focusing on the oar pads.  Ed wishes he had his hat.
    Ed and Andrew  
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  • Block Plane, Sand, and Lift

    Posted by Katherine Alberg on 3/7/2013
    Week #5 and we are moving right along!
    This boat was fun to lift though we did miss a few students due to state testing and our very own WELS N Student, Andrew was out for the day.  Katie and Ed express their amazement at all the work that has already been accomplished!  Teacher Katie wonders though, where is Ed's hat? 
     week 5
    Today the boat crew worked with the block plane to make the plywood bottom flush (even) with the side planks.
     Here you see both Danielle and Jon making things happen today!
    danielle and block plane  
    And Jon....using the block plane
    jon and block plane  
    Once the plywood was even with the side planks, the crew dabbled a little with the sander.  
     Danielle totally ruled at it---her stamina using the thing, despite the vibrations, was ever so impressive.  See for yourself!
    sander and danielle  
    Jon was naturally skilled using the sander as well.....here's the evidence!
    sander and jon  
     Continued work on the oars is carefully and thoughtfully carried through by Noah. 
    noah and oars  
    Phil here spreading the boat building education.  Noah listening in awe and enthusiasm.
    phil and noah  
    A great day spent at the workshop today!
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