Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District responds to the unique needs of students, educators, and school districts with innovation, quality, and trusted experience
    INTEGRITY:  Behavior based on beliefs. "Doing the right thing even when no one is watching."
    RESPECT:  Welcoming environment where difference in staff, students, and districts are valued for the richness they bring to discussion, decisions, and programs.
    INNOVATION:  Unique, specialized design and delivery of programs and services.
    ACCOUNTABILITY:  Operating in a manner that is above reproach to utilize resources for maximum results for students and stakeholders.
    COLLABORATION:  Working with parents, families, students, districts, and other agencies to develop effective and meaningful programming for students.
    Preferred Educational Partner:  To be a high value, efficient and responsive provider of regional educational programs and administrative services preferred by member districts, especially where scale and quality are critical.
    System Capacity Builder:  To raise the regional capacity for critical conversations, planning, operations and partnerships within member districts and beyond to public health, human services, civic and justice agencies.
    Trusted Resource of Knowledge, Research, and Effective Practices:  To provide continuous development and delivery of regular and special educational services including effective practice tools and strategies in curriculum, instruction, assessment, equity, interventions and supports, accountability, professional development, applied and experiential learning.
    A.   Identify, prioritize, and deliver programs and services that meet member districts' current and future needs
    B.   Strengthen and develop educational and community partnerships
    C.   Ensure interactive, high quality, and relevant communications to and engagement of internal and external stakeholders
    D.   Improve student learning and success through use of data, effective practice strategies, equity, and professional
          development and coaching
    E.   Improve internal operations, capacities, and processes, i.e. facilities, transportation, etc.