• Nonconventional EBD licensure program/EBD-Residency Based M.Ed. in Special Education

    Fall 2016

    Jennifer J. McComas, Ph.D.
    Goal: To provide outstanding residency-type preparation of teaching candidates who have classroom experience with students with moderate to severe Emotional Behavioral Disorder (EBD) and who are committed to becoming excellent teachers of students with EBD. Emphasis is on developing competencies in classroom practices with a focus on effective behavior support/intervention and rigorous academic instruction for students across a continuum of mild to severe EBD.

    Candidates: Paraprofessionals who hold an undergraduate degree and have worked at least 1 year in a self-contained EBD classroom

    Instructional Delivery: 9 credit per semester; combination of online, traditional lecture format, and competency-based residency-type clinical experience at least 20 hours per week for 15 weeks with coaching, feedback, and assessment. Each semester is designed to provide essential content and clinical experience and competencies in one of three main areas relevant to students with EBD: Behavior Intervention Planning and Implementation, IEP Process, and Instructional Planning and Implementation. Competencies in all areas, from behavior intervention to standards of effective practice to the IEP process will be continually assessed until the candidate meets the expected standard.

    Student teaching is a 20-week experience during the 4th semester (Spring of 2nd year) and must be conducted under the direct supervision of a fully licensed expert EBD teacher in a classroom OTHER than where the candidate most recently worked as a paraprofessional.

    Fees (in lieu of tuition)

    $400 per credit x 36 credits = $14,400


     Semester 1: Behavior Intervention Planning and Implementation
    • EPsy 5614 Assessment & Due Process in Special Education (3 cr
    • EPsy 5657 Interv. for Beh. Problems in School Settings (3 cr)
    • EPsy 5637 Foundations of Sp Ed Online Module (1 cr)
    • EPsy 5763 Practicum in Special Education: Behavior Intervention Planning and Implementation (2 cr) 
    Semester 2: IEP Process
    • EPsy 5611 Research Practices (3 cr)
    • EPsy 5656 Advanced Issues in Emotional Behavior Disorders (3 cr)
    • EPsy 5638 IEP Writing Online Module (1 cr) 
    • EPsy 5764 Practicum in Special Education: IEP Process (2 cr) 
    Semester 3: Instructional Planning and Implementation 
    • EPsy 5658 Characteristics of Moderate/Severe EBD (3 cr)
    • EPsy 5629 Strategic Instructional Methods for Students Academically At-Risk (3 cr)
    • EPsy 5765 Practicum in Special Education: Instructional Planning and Intervention (2 cr)
    • EPsy 5991 Independent Study in Standards of Effective Practice (1 cr) 
    Semester 4: Student Teaching 
    • EPsy 5618 Specialized interventions for students with disabilities in reading and written language (3 cr)
    • EPsy 5619 Specialized interventions for students with disabilities in math (3 cr)
    • EPsy 5708 EBD Student Teaching (3 cr)