Celebrating Literacy at Karner Blue

Celebrating Literacy at Karner Blue
Posted on 03/28/2024

The students at Karner Blue Education Center were buzzing with excitement as the community came together for the school's annual "Literacy Night," an event dedicated to fostering a love of reading among students.

This year's event featured a series of activities designed to immerse students in the world of books. Teachers read to groups of students and their families, the stage in the gym was transformed into a book faire, tables filled with various activities lined the hallways, teachers displayed artwork in their classrooms, Jersey Mikes donated sub sandwiches for dinner, and more.

Literacy Night has proven to be a success, with organizers and participants already looking forward to next year's event. Karner Blue continues to demonstrate its commitment to building a strong literacy foundation for its students, ensuring that the joy of reading is passed on to the next generation.

Karner Blue Literacy Night