Bellaire Education Center

    (formerly Transition Program)

    Students Served:  Grades 6 - 12
    Disabilities: Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (EBD) and other Neurobiological Disorders.

    Program Location:


    2540 County Road F East
    White Bear Lake, MN  55110
    Phone: 651-415-5530
    Fax: 651-415-5599
    Erin Metoxen 
    Phone: 651-415-5359
    Fax: 651-415-5599
    Bellaire Education Center prepares students who have autism spectrum disorders (ASD), emotional/behavioral disorders (EBD) and other neurobiological disorders to live meaningful, productive lives.
    Bellaire Education Center strives to equip middle and high school age students with the skills to become capable, connected and contributing members of their communities.
    The program is staffed with one teacher in each classroom and one education assistant for every two to three students.  One-to-one education assistants are provided as required by a student's Individual Education Plan (IEP).
    Bellaire Education Center's specialized staff and instruction practices the skills of:
    • Cooperation
    • Assertiveness
    • Responsibility
    • Empathy
    • Self-Control
    The program's goal is to provide each student with the necessary coping and self-management skills appropriate across life settings.
    The educational planning process involves a team of home school district staff, parents, agency professionals and Northeast Metro 916 staff.  Referrals are made through the special education director of the student's home school district.
    Transportation is provided by the home school district.
    Specialized Services:
    • Modified academic/functional curriculum
    • Proactive behavior management strategies
    • Instruction in sensory awareness and strategies
    • Small group instruction in social skills acquisition and interactions
    • Full range of related services including speech/language, occupational/physical therapy, nursing, assistive technology, social work, mental health and autism support
    • Developmental/adaptive physical education
    • Individualized computer instruction, art instruction
    • Work experience and job training, including: employability skills training, non-paid training in community sites, volunteer service projects, community employment with job mentors, paid site-based employment and independent competitive paid work
    • Extended school year program as required by IEP
    • Interactive SMART Board technology