• About Northeast Metro 916 Area Learning Centers (ALCs)

    The Northeast Metro Area Learning Center is a program that enables Minnesota residents to earn high school graduation credits and a diploma in a non-traditional setting. East View Academy in Little Canada is located at the Capitol View Center. Metro Heights Academy is located in Fridley, and 916 Mahtomedi Academy is located in Century College. All three sites feature open commons areas, classrooms, and study rooms with state-of-the-art technology.
    Program Purpose: We will be an innovative, personalized and collaborative learning environment that inspires and requires everyone to reach his or her full potential.
  • The Area Learning Center provides individuals with opportunities to gain academic learning skills, vocational skills, work experience, and assistance in the transition to employment and/or additional education. Learners receive assistance in meeting graduation requirements through an individualized approach to learning and personalized attention to social needs.

    The Area Learning Center provides outreach leadership and coordination in assisting area districts in providing targeted services at their home schools for elementary and middle school students who have been assessed as being at risk of not progressing academically with their peers.
  • Graduation Requirements
    As a student-directed program, the Area Learning Center enables students to work at their own pace. Classes are small enough to allow students to get the attention they need to progress successfully. Each assignment students complete is worth a specific number of units, which are then added up to semester credits. When students have enough credits to fulfill their graduation requirements, they can either receive a high school diploma from the Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate District or from their resident high school. Students who choose to earn their resident high school diploma may meet that high school's graduation requirements at the Area Learning Center. Students who choose to earn a Northeast Metro 916 ALC diploma must meet the requirements below (coming soon).