• Graduation Requirements

    As a student-directed program, the Area Learning Center enables students to work at their own pace. Classes are small enough to allow students to get the attention they need to progress successfully. Each assignment students complete is worth a specific number of units, which are then added up to semester credits. When students have enough credits to fulfill their graduation requirements, they can either receive a high school diploma from the Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate District or from their resident high school. Students who choose to earn their resident high school diploma may meet that high school�s graduation requirements at the Area Learning Center. Students who choose to earn a Northeast Metro 916 ALC diploma must meet the requirements that follow.

    Northeast Metro 916 ALC Graduation Requirements

    Please note that you may choose to view specific requirements and/or course descriptions by clicking on any of the highlighted program areas below. Although the graduation requirements are described for those entering 9th grade in 2004-05 and beyond, the individual courses fulfill earlier graduation requirements as well.

    Requirements for students who entered 9th grade in 2003-04 or earlier:

    + BST
    44 credits total

    Requirements for students who entered 9th grade in 2004-05 or later:

    + BST or GRAD
    44 credits total

    In addition, students graduating by 2009 or earlier need to pass Minnesota Basic Skills Tests in math, reading, and writing.

    Students graduating 2010 and later must pass GRAD tests in math, reading, and writing.