• Gifted Services

    Meeting the Needs of Today's Students through our Gifted and Talented Programs


    Gifted and Talented Services


    The Gifted and Talented Services Program helps member districts through:
    • Gifted Services Advisory
    • Mentor Connection
    • Staff Development
    • Links to gifted education web sites

    Gifted Services Advisory

    The gifted and talented coordinators in the member districts of Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District meet monthly as a support network for sharing information and ideas. Discussion topics range from the latest research on teaching gifted and talented students to curriculum ideas and updates on classes available for students.
    For more information on the Gifted Services Advisory, contact Barbara Wojcik at 651.415.5607 or

    Friday Forum Regional Gifted Coordinators Network

    Exploring Best Practices in Gifted Education
     Don't miss this opportunity to meet with gifted program coordinators from around the metro area. We will meet five times per year to discuss current issues in gifted education:
    • State funding and legislation for identification, staff development, program design
    • Minnesota Department of Education's vision and direction
    • Gifted program evaluation
    • Critical topics identified by network members such as acceleration, credit for learning, AP, and IB programming.
    For more information, contact: Barbara Wojcik at 651.415-5607 or barbara.wojcik@nemetro.k12.mn.us

    Mentor Connection

    Mentor Connection is an advanced-level, nine-month study for highly motivated, gifted and talented juniors and seniors in high school. Students identify a subject area and, after sufficient in-depth individual preparation, are placed with mentors in business, academic, or artistic settings. These mentors provide environments in which the students can apply their textbook learning. 
    Mentor Connection is designed for students who are intelligent and academically sound, and whose learning needs are more advanced than the curriculum available in their high schools. Bright, mature, self-motivated students who have identified a specific field of interest may apply to participate in the program. High school grades and credits are earned.
    Through Mentor Connection, high school students receive experiences and education that are not available normally to them until their junior or senior year of college.
    For more information about Mentor Connection, contact the Career and Technical Center

    Minnesota Scholars of Distinction 

    A program supported through a state legislative appropriation, the Scholars of Distinction nurtures and recognizes distinguished achievement by highly motivated students. Visit the Scholars of Distinction website for more information and application details regarding the Applied Geography, Mathematics, Leadership, Science and Theater Arts programs.

    Staff Development

    Classes and workshops are held for teachers in kindergarten through 12th grades, gifted program coordinators, resource teachers and cluster program teachers on teaching gifted students in the regular classroom. The goals of the program are to explore methods to challenge bright students, support efforts to meet the needs of all learners in the classroom, and share strategies for advanced learners. 
    At these sessions, discussions will help to understand the needs of gifted learners by:
    • Examining their characteristics
    • Exploring methods to differentiate content, process and product
    • Learning about curriculum compacting and other strategies used to challenge learners
    • Exploring how the preparatory standards will be a part of a challenging program

    Other resources: Minnesota Educators of the Gifted and Talented www.megt.org

    For further information, contact Barbara Wojcik at 651.415.5607 or barbara.wojcik@nemetro.k12.mn.us

    Arts & Academic Opportunities

    Click HERE for a list of local organizations to investigate enrichment options for students and families.