• Services for students with special needs

    Northeast Metro Intermediate District 916 provides alternative learning services through three Area Learning Centers.  Special Education Services are provided at all three sites.  Below you will find the process for students with special needs who would like to enroll in one of our ALC sites.

    Step 1:

    Your student should meet one of the following criteria:

    ·         One full school year behind.

    ·         Two achievement levels below grade.

    ·         Chemically dependent.

    ·         Has been or is in the process of being suspended or expelled.

    ·         Pregnant or already a parent.

    ·         Victim of abuse.

    ·         Having experienced mental health problems.

    ·         Having experienced homelessness.

    ·         Speaks English as a second language or has limited English proficiency.

    ·         Has withdrawn from school or has been chronically truant.


    Step 2:


    Once an application for one of our ALC programs has been completed and turned in, data is collected, including your students IEP (Individual Education Plan) as well as the most current Special Education Assessment and other supporting documentation such as transcripts.


    Step 3:


    A special education teacher reviews the most current evaluation and IEP.  Some of the things we consider when determining a good fit for students with special needs include:

    ·         Special education service time.

    ·         Current federal setting.

    ·         Intellectual and academic abilities.

    ·         Credit earned.

    ·         Types of classes the student previously took.

    ·         Discipline records.


    Step 4:


    The special education teacher will contact the student and family to set up an initial meeting.  The initial meeting is held for one of the following reasons:

    ·         To discuss the programming at one of our ALC sites to see if the student and family feel it will be a good fit for their needs. 

    ·         To develop an IEP to meet the needs of the student at one of our ALC programs.

    ·         To discuss other programming based on the students needs.


    Services Provided:


    Generally students receive federal setting I services while attending one of our ALC programs.  Students are in the general education setting 100% of the day.  The federal setting and service time is determined by the IEP team.  Below is a list of some of the services provided. 

    ·         Some one-to-one pull-out

    ·         In class support

    ·         Organizational skills

    ·         Academic modifications

    ·         Behavior supports