•  My name is Katie Wallisch, I have been teaching with Northeast metro 916 for one year. I have taught in privet schools for five years before transferring to Northeast metro 916.I have a deep passion for cosmetology and enjoy teaching techniques to other thriving learners. I currently hold my Cosmetology educators license, school managers license,salon manager license. I have been in the industry for 12 years and currently work in a shop part time to continue my skills. As a teaching my hope is to open up new doors and opportunity for young students to really thrive in the world of beauty. As a teacher I have high expectations and run my classroom under a Minnesota state board school license following Minnesota state board policy and procedures. Student's will clock in and out daily, follow sanitation policy, name tag policy, board sheet policy. I look forward to meeting up and coming future Cosmetologist. 
    Concurrent enrollment students have the ability to receive 6  credits on a college transcript from Century college saving $1,060 in credits. Cos 1000 and Cos 1007 are the units covered.
    Students will also be asked to purchase a Cosmetology student kit for $91.00. Kit includes mannequin head, flat iron, curling iron, combs and brushes, clips ect.  
    Students will also have the ability to transfer board hours that students receive clocking in and out daily and all technical services tracked.  
    Name: Katie Wallisch 
    Phone Number:651-415-5529
    Email Address: katie.wallisch@nemetro.k12,mn.us
    Program: Cosmetology 
    Location: Career and Technical Center 
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