• Career and College Readiness

     SowlesShelli Sowles


    Shelli Sowles has been part of Northeast Metro 916 for 10 years, the last 8 working as the CTC career and college readiness specialist. The college readiness program is a series of workshops for all of the 916 CTC students which help students gain knowledge about college, and empower students to advocate for themselves after high school. In her role, she helps students get ready for a successful transition onto college or directly to work and she is passionate about working with individual students on achieving their next level goals.

    Math Coach

     LehetErick Lehet

    Erick Lehet has taught mathematics at Northeast Metro 916 since 2006. Previously, he taught at the Humphrey Job Corps for 5 years and WWTC for 3 years. In his role, he helps students gain enough math knowledge to be successful in their programs and on post-secondary assessments. Mr. Lehet holds a bachelor's degree in math and master's degree in education and professional development, both from UW-La Crosse. 

    Supplemental Resource Services

     Shea Brigid Shea


    Brigid Shea has taught at Northeast Metro 916 since 1981 and previously worked as a junior high special education teacher. In her role, she helps students further develop the skills they are learning in their CTC coursework and prepare for their futures. Ms. Shea holds a bachelor's degree in vocational rehabilitation with a certification in special education from the University of Wisconsin Stout and a master's degree in vocational education/special needs from the University of Minnesota, which includes focus on adult basic education and reading strategies.