• Diesel Trucks and EngineTechnology
    Engineering, Manufacturing, & Technology Path
    Program Description
    The Diesel Trucks and Engine Technology program prepares students for entry-level jobs and further post-secondary education in the field of commercial vehicle repair. Technicians handle all kinds of repairs, from working on a vehicle's electrical system to doing major engine repairs. Diesel maintenance is becoming increasingly complex, as more electronic components are used to control the operation of an engine.
    The topics covered in class include shop safety, theory of gas and diesel engines, and systems operation. Shop work includes tool identification and use; both gas and diesel engine disassembly and assembly, testing, and adjusting; basic electrical battery systems, starters and alternator operation; and basic truck maintenance. Students will also receive an overview of the trucking industry and the careers available.
    Career-Related Skills
    • Gas and diesel engine theory
    • Gas and diesel engine overhaul
    • Basic hand tool identification and use
    • Introduction to basic shop equipment and use
    • Introduction to heavy-duty trucks and systems
    Career Outlook
    • Heavy vehicle and mobile equipment service technician
    • Truck and diesel engine technician
    • Commercial vehicle operator
    • Mechanical engineer
    • Automotive service technician
    • Aircraft and avionics equipment service technician
    • Small engine technician
    College credit may be earned in some programs with an A or B grade in a program course and enrollment in a partnering college. For registration information, contact your high school counselor.