• Course Descriptions 

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    Computer Aided Drafting CAD 
    Fall Semester - (12:45-2:00 p.m.)
    Century College Course: *ECAD 1070 - Introduction to AutoCAD (3 credits)
    Prerequisite: High School Drafting
    Students will learn the fundamental concepts, tools, and commands of the AutoCAD software. AutoCAD knowledge learned includes skills necessary to draw, edit, set up and plot drawings, as well as to display two-dimensional drawings. Students will also learn to identify the components of AutoCAD drawings. Instruction will be taught with a hands-on approach to learning and will build a foundation for continued training or self-instruction. 
    Introduction to Engineering and Manufacturing*
    Fall Semester *(Combining ECAD 1020 & ECAD 1060 for 5 credits meeting M-F, 7:45a.m.- 9:40a.m.) Contact the CTC office for details.
    Century College Course: ECAD 1020 Interpreting Engineering Drawings (2 credits)
    This course is designed to give students an understanding of the concepts required to read industrial blueprints. Topics include sketching, multiview drawing, symbols, scaling, dimensioning, finishes, screw threads, auxiliary and assembly drawings. Also covered is an introduction to Geometric Tolerancing.
    Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology (7:45-9:40 a.m.)
    Lecture 1 day & lab 1 day per week
    Century College Course: FST 1030 - Basic Electricity (3 credits)
    Persons in this field are involved with the installation, service and repair of heating and air conditioning units in residential and light commercial applications. Students learn math and electrical theory and mechanical skills as applied to heating and air conditioning. 
    Information and Telecommunications Technology (ITT)
    Century College Course: ITT 1032 Networking Systems II (3 credits)
    Prerequisite: ITT 1031
    The Information and Telecommunications Technology program prepares individuals with the essential business, technical and organizational skills necessary to implement and maintain modern computer and telecommunication technologies for today's business and industrial environments. This course is the second course in a four-course sequence designed to introduce students to local area network hardware router installation and configuration. It is also the second course in the sequence to help students prepare to take the Cisco Certified Network Association (CCNA) Certification Exam. 
    Prosthetic Technician
    TIME ARRANGED Monday-Friday

    The Prosthetic Technician program prepares individuals for entry into the field of Prosthetics at the technician level. Didactive and laboratory coursework is combined with individualized instruction in the areas of lower limb and upper limb. Each of these areas contains instruction in anatomy, terminology, measurement forms, fabrication process, system alignment, suspension techniques, components, materials, repair and maintenance procedures. 
    Visual Communications Technologies

    The Northeast Metro 916 Career and Technical Center Graphic Design & Multimedia Instructor will select an appropriate course for the student registering for a Century College Visual Communications Technologies course.

    In addition to multimedia coursework, Century College offers related classes such as: Century College Course: VCT 1047 Introduction to Forensic Imaging (3credits)

    This course introduces imaging techniques and skills used in the documentation and presentation of forensic evidence to students in the investigative science field as well as other students who have an interest in forensic imaging. Students will learn how to photograph evidence at crime scenes and in a crime lab environment. Other topics include the digital enhancement of images, the preparation of courtroom presentations and an overview of advanced methods such as 3D crime scene re-creation, alternate light sources and chemical enhancements. 
    Welding Technology
    Century College Course: WLDG 1001 Introduction to Oxyactylene Welding (2 credits)
    Students will learn to identify personal safety rules, shop equipment procedures, and focus on developing welding skills with sheet metal in the flat position with the oxyacetylene process. Students will use oxyacetylene and plasma cutting equipment on plate and sheet metal.

    Century College Course: WLDG 1011 Introduction to Metal Inert Gas Welding (1 credit)
    Students will learn to identify personal safety rules, shop equipment procedures, and will focus on developing welding skills on sheet and plate metal in the flat position with the metal inert gas process.