• Computer Hardware/Software & Game Design
    Program Description
    The Computer Networking Specialist program provides students with knowledge and skills for today's Information Technology (IT) industry. The curriculum covers computer repair, which prepares students for A+ certification and an introduction to the networking world through the use of Cisco's online training. To obtain this certification, students will need to prepare themselves by participating in the course lectures, labs, and course assignments. College credits may be earned.
    Career-Related Skills
    • Basic functions of computer hardware
    • Removing and installing computer components
    • New and old technologies with computer hardware
    • Troubleshooting hardware and networking problems
    • Using diagnostic software
    • Network protocols and topologies
    • Transmission media
    • Network operating systems
    • Network and computer security and maintenance
    • Comp TIA's A+ hardware
    Career Outlook
    • Computer information system service technician
    • Network administrator and information security
    • Computer graphics design
    • Web developer
    • PC technician
    • Network support technician
    • Field support technician
    • Network analyst
    • Help desk technician
    • Computer operator and programmer

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