• Environmental Services
    (* Certificate Program)
    Program Description
    The Environmental Services program teaches students the skills necessary for entry-level custodial and cleaning positions. By mastering these skills, students develop confidence in their ability to successfully enter the world of work. Students also gain independent-living skills such as kitchen cleaning, doing laundry, and cleaning bathrooms. Students who complete the Maintenance and Environmental Services program have the option of studying for the State Boiler's License Exam. The Boiler's License creates another related job opportunity.
    The Program offers a small class size for students with differentiated instruction. Students will also receive hands-on learning opportunities, while working at their own pace. A certificate of proficiency is awarded once the students have completed the program. 
    Career-Related Skills
    • Hard floor maintenance
    • Carpet maintenance: dry foam, rotary shampooing, wet extraction, dry compound
    • Basic sanitation
    • Chemical safety
    • Personal living skills: payroll, interviewing, applications
    • Boiler prep for state licensure
    Career Outlook
    In 2002, Minnesota had 46,170 people working in the janitorial field. Their wages ranged from $6.80 to $14.70. (Minnesota Dept. of Economic Security). Janitorial sites include: Colleges, schools, libraries, hospitals, nursing homes, churches, and sporting facilities.

    College credit may be earned in some programs with an A or B grade in a program course and enrollment in a partnering college. For registration information, contact your high school counselor.