• Education and Human Services

     This is a program divided into three different sections to allow students to explore the various possibilities in the education and human services fields along with self exploration.  Students will have opportunities for engaged learning in these areas.  The first area will be about the health, safety, and nutrition of the young child which helps students to prepare to work in various settings in early childhood.  This area of study will afford students the opportunity to learn about the preparation and importance of providing quality care. The second area of study will be an introduction to human services which focuses on preparing students to learn more about the work of professionals whose efforts serve the needs of families in schools, homes, clinics, agencies, and other community settings.  Lastly, we will have the opportunity to explore 7 Habits of the Successful Teen which will foster individual growth along with the the exploration of group settings and dynamics. 

    College credit may be earned in some programs with an A or B grade in a program course and enrollment in a partnering college.  For registration information, contact your high school counselor.