• Related Services
    Northeast Metro 916 makes medically related special education services available to member districts. The goal is to give member districts flexibility in meeting the special needs of students by accessing services that provide direct student support, consultation, training and technical guidance. Staff may be itinerant and serve students from 916 member districts, non-member school districts as well as 916 site-based programs.
    Program Description
    Northeast Metro makes available to member districts a broad range of instructional and support services including:
    • Licensed special education teachers across all disability/service areas
    • Special education leadership positions, including coordination and due process staff
    • Consultation services for the areas of autism, assistive technology, behavior and Section 504
    • Special education related services, including audiology, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychologist, social worker, speech/language pathologist, interpreter services for deaf/hard of hearing students
    Contracted services are tailored to individual district and student needs. The need may be defined by the number of students, the type of support needed or requested by a teacher or school site, or training requirements for a school site. Contracts can be for only the hours needed. For example, a district identifies a need for 8 hours of physical therapy per week. It can contract for those 8 hours with Northeast Metro.
    To contract for services, member districts should:
    • Contact the manager for the noted service and arrange a meeting in which the district's needs are outlined and possible staffing or service solutions are identified.
    • Place the request in writing. The request should include type of service, number of hours per week and duration of service.
    To inquire about services, please contact:
    Eddie Gibson, Manager of Related Services
    Pam Sullivan, Administrative Assistant
    2106 County Road C
    Roseville, MN 55113