• Assessment Center

    The assessment center will be closed for the 2017-18 school year due to ongoing construction projects at Capitol View Center. We will re-open in fall 2018.

    Students Served:
    • Grades 5-12
    • Students who have complex educational and/or mental health needs
    • Students who display a sudden, acute onset or have severe and chronic emotional/psychiatric issues.
    • Students whose educational records may be missing or incomplete for reasons such as previous out-of-district placements or relocation
    • Students who need clarification regarding program placement
    How It Works:
    A referral to the Assessment Center is made by the student's home district in collaboration with families and the intake coordinator.
    An intake meeting is scheduled for entry into the program including consultation with program social worker.  Classroom observation, instruction and information gathering occurs for 10-15 school days.
    The educational team meets with the family to discuss assessment questions and needs.
    An educational assessment of the student along with classroom instruction period occurs for 30 school days.  Optional diagnostic assessment by non-educational agencies may be completed at this time (see Collaborative Services).
    A report of findings and discussion of results, programming needs, and next steps for student is outlined.
    Collaborative Services for Students and Families:
    Northeast Metro 916 is fortunate to have developed collaborative partnerships with non-educational agencies, such as Human Services Inc. (HSI).  HSI operates independently of 916 and can provide comprehensive and confidential mental health diagnostic assessments.
    Collaboration and information sharing only occurs with the family's consent and where appropriate.  Student out-comes are enhanced by access to these services and collaborations with community agencies and service providers.
    What We Do:
    When school districts and families have unanswered questions regarding students' educational needs, the Assessment Center provides a temporary placement for an appropriate and comprehensive educational evaluation of students' skills and school functioning.
    Transportation is provided to the Assessment Center by students' home districts.  Students continue to earn credit and/or complete work as provided by their home district teachers while assessments are taking place.
    • Comprehensive understanding of students' skills and needs
    • Valuable assessment information for educational and programming decision making
    • Optional access to mental health diagnostic assessment
    Assessment Center Team:
    Autism Specialist
    Behavior Analyst
    School Nurse
    Social Worker
    Contact Information: 
    Eddie Gibson, Manager Related Services
    Pam Sullivan, Administrative Assistant

    Program Location:
    70 West County Road B2
    Little Canada, MN 55117

    How to Access the Assessment Center

    School Districts: If you are interested in referring a student to the Assessment Center, please click on the link below for more referral information.   The referring district is responsible for completing the referral packet.
    Parents/Guardians, please work with your district in this process.