Criteria for Learning Model Changes

Criteria for Learning Model Changes
Posted on 09/22/2020
Planning for Transition

Updated 11/13/20.

As we noted in our last communication with you, our school district has been developing a criteria framework for learning models that will inform our decisions about our readiness to move toward more in-person learning models in our schools and programs.  We have completed the Criteria Framework for Learning Models and presented it to the Board of Education on Wednesday, Oct. 7. 

In order to help you better understand the criteria and the factors that are informing our decisions this school year, we are sharing the information with you here in three ways:

We know that, in this unpredictable year, it is more important than ever to be deliberate in our decision making and to keep you informed.  We also want you to know that, while the number of Covid-19 county cases is an important factor in informing our decision making, it is one of 11 important indicators that we must consider as part of our overall assessment of program readiness.  I invite you to take a close look at the Criteria Framework for Learning Models so that you can see what we are taking into account in our learning model decisions.

Thank you for your continued support of our students and for adapting to the new procedures and protocols to keep our students, staff, families and communities safe.  And a special thank you to our staff members for their commitment to our students and for providing the best possible learning experience, no matter how that learning is delivered.