Program changes for 2020-21

Program changes for 2020-21
Posted on 07/01/2020
QHS Students

We are always looking for ways to improve how we serve the students who join us from the 14 member districts in our community. This is central to our mission of responding to the unique needs of students, educators, and school districts with innovation, quality and trusted experience.

Member districts and Northeast Metro 916 share a common goal of doing what is best for students, and right now this means getting them the services they need and deserve in a timely manner. 

After careful study, we have determined that changes to several programs will ensure that we can provide students with disabilities and/or mental illness what they need to pursue their academic and social-emotional goals without delay. These changes will open up space in our elementary programs while giving middle school students more programming options. The changes are:

  • Bellaire Education Center will only serve students in grades 5-6 in its middle school program and will continue under Erin Metoxen’s leadership.

  • The Assessment Center and Project Return will relocate to Bellaire and will be under Erin Metoxen’s leadership.

  • Quora will welcome students in grades 7-8 who were previously designated for Bellaire; the school will be referred to as Quora Secondary School (QSS) rather than Quora High School. Students from WELS-S will also be part of QSS, so students will have a consistent experience from grade 7 to age 21. Liz Shopbell, Kristin Salava and Jillian Campbell will serve as leaders of the school.

  • South Campus will maintain its program under Sandy Strand’s leadership, however Sandy will dedicate all of her time to leading this school rather than splitting her time with WELS-S.

This document provides more information about these changes. This is a significant shift, but is the right change to make.