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Proactive Measures
is a summer professional development series led by Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District, designed as specialized trainings that provide teachers and school staff with evidence-based strategies that will empower them to support student success in their least restrictive setting.

2020 Workshop offerings:

About Proactive Measures

Participants have increased their skills in evidence-based practices including trauma-informed care, multi-tiered systems of support, behavior intervention, comprehensive literacy instruction and structured teaching.

This series began as a pilot program in St. Francis Public Schools in the summer of 2017. Educator participants since 2017 have shared their feedback after implementing the practices they learned in their workshops. 

After attending the Proactive Measures workshops:

  • Training increased teacher confidence in their ability to implement research-based strategies.

  • Participants gained skills in creating and implementing strategies to increase student independence.

  • Academic excellence improved, and students became more independent in their pursuit of academic goals.

  • Teachers and paraprofessionals were communicating more consistently about student needs.

  • Behavioral outcomes improved as educators had more positive interactions with students.

  • Training provided tools to create integrated and layered systems to increase student learning and success.

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  • July 27-31: Introduction to Comprehensive Literacy

  • Aug. 3-6: Comprehensive Literacy and Assessment

  • Aug. 4-6: Structured Teaching for Licensed Staff

  • Aug. 5-6: Structured Teaching for Paraprofessionals Virtual Conversation

  • Aug. 11: Technology cohort begins (8-week program)