Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH)

Photo of mother with deaf child

Hearing loss, whether permanent or fluctuating, can present unique challenges to students in school. At 916, we know first-hand that people with who are DHH can overcome these challenges so they can truly learn, grow and thrive.

Deaf or hard of hearing (DHH) programs include assessments and habilitation of hearing loss. The goal is to provide special education instruction and related services to help the educational, communicative and social functioning of students who are DHH.

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services
Quora Education Center
70 W County Rd B2
Little Canada, MN 55117 (map)

(p): 651-415-5546
(f): 651-415-5509

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Key contacts

Jay Fehrman
(p): 651-964-1274

Nikki VanOeveren
Assistant Manager
(p): 651-415-5413

Polly Jaeger
Administrative Assistant
(p): 651-415-5546

Stacey Blizzard
Office Assistant
(p): 651-415-5464