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Advocate for our students at the legislature

Capitol This year, Minnesota’s four intermediate school districts came together to introduce a legislative bill. Ultimately, we want our schools to be a place where our students’ educational and mental health/medical needs are met. The bill, SF 768 and HF 1255 will help us accomplish this. We are asking for:
  • Improve access to mental health services
  • Implement proactive, measures that prevent more restrictive placement and better train staff who work in level IV programs
  • Remove operational and funding barriers
Download the fact sheet to learn more. It is critical that our public policy adapts to our new reality: that our students are coming to school with increasingly greater needs, and we need greater resources and a different model to serve them.
Please consider contacting your legislators to share your own story and experiences at Northeast Metro 916. Please make sure not to use any specific students’ names or any private student data. If you have a question about whether the data is private, please ask your supervisor or principal prior to sharing it.
Download talking points to guide your phone conversation or an email template to help you write your story if you prefer to contact them that way.
Your voice is powerful. Please consider helping your representatives understand your challenges so we can work towards a solution.