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EA Hiring Event

EA recruitment video Bring your resume and references to Quora Education Center in October for on-site interviews for your next career!

7-9:30 a.m. • 1-3:30 p.m.

Quora Education Center
70 West County Road B2
Little Canada, MN 55117


We’re hiring education assistants now. We need people who are passionate and truly believe in the potential of our youth to join our team. You could be a crucial member of the classroom team, keeping students safe, engaged and ready to learn. No teaching license required.

  • $18.63/hr
  • Full benefits
  • Summers off
  • Apply on-site or online at
  • High school diploma required; no teaching license necessary

Northeast Metro 916 is one of four intermediate school districts in Minnesota, offering specialized programming that includes career and technical  education, special education services, area learning centers and care & treatment. Through the sharing of resources, talent and ideas, we provide expert and reliable services to 14 member school districts and the students and families we collectively support.

Level IV special education programs at Northeast Metro 916 are highly specialized to respond to students with the most challenging needs, many of whom have not found success in traditional school districts. Highly-structured, supportive learning environments help students reach their academic, social, emotional, behavior and communication goals.

Questions? Contact Colleen at or 651-415-5593.