Our staff, regardless of their role or the site where they work, are changing lives. 

We all have reasons why we stay at 916. It can sometimes be hard to remember the aspects of our students or our jobs that keep us here: resilience, perseverance, hope, progress, joy, and the opportunity to make a difference.

In the 2019-20 school year, district leaders interviewed staff who have worked for our district about why they stay. These Stay Interviews involved staff of all backgrounds, and we did additional outreach to staff who identify as people of color or indigenous (POCI). The goal was to replicate best practices and make sure staff in any role across the district feel valuable and fulfilled. 

We called this effort Built to Last. We want to build lasting careers, lasting relationships, and a lasting belief that all students and staff have incredible potential that needs to be nurtured. When we can create a school and district culture that is Built to Last, it will necessarily have a positive impact on both our staff and students. 


Val Rae Boe
Director of Special Education
(p): 651-415-5658
(e): [email protected]