Chromebook Repair Course

Chromebook Repair Course
Posted on 12/21/2023

At 916 Mahtomedi Academy, students pick electives to go along with their core subjects. The options include an Anime Film Studies course, Psychology, Ballin’ on a Budget, a cooking course focusing on delicious meals as inexpensively as possible, and a Computer Science and Chromebook Repair course.
The students in the Computer Science and Chromebook Repair course met with members of the Technology Department to do a live demo of taking apart and talking through how repairs would be done on district Chromebooks. Students were encouraged to take apart the devices and ask questions about the different parts. They removed the battery, could identify the keyboard and touchpad, and find the display cables and headphone jack.
Upon completing the course, students will be Chromebook Repair certified by Vivacity Tech, a local St. Paul company, and they will be eligible to work for them. This is an exciting opportunity for students to get practical, hands-on experience in a career field of interest to them.

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