I am honored to serve 916 as the Superintendent and to stand in service with staff as a trusted educational provider. I am also incredibly proud of the 916 educators I have the opportunity to work with and support daily. Delivering on our mission to provide exceptional educational services is a privilege and incredible responsibility. Our highly trained educators play a vital and unique role as providers of innovative solutions driven by the needs of our students and member districts. For our students to receive educational experiences that address their individual needs, we must create healthy learning environments where all students are happy and proud.

As our 916 Strategic Actions have evolved, we have targeted the central tenet of our work, Happy and Proud: the 916 Experience, supporting an individualized approach to student success. To this end, we continue our commitment to equity as an essential component of our work to ensure that every student receives what they need daily. We believe that students are happy and proud when they feel seen, heard, and valued through individualized learning plans that provide each student with the opportunity to share their individual life experiences and strengths. We know that students experience feelings of accomplishment, belonging, excitement, respect, encouragement, and confidence on their best days in school. The perspectives of students must be centered on creating belonging in supportive learning environments because belonging is a vital ingredient for learning. When messages support students' sense of belonging, they feel physically and emotionally safe.

One of our leadership practices is to expand our work to engage students and families. To that end, I invite our 916 families and students to co-construct our educational environments and personalized learning plans so that every student is happy and proud and feels hopeful for the future.

I look forward to this school year with incredible optimism that we will create not only happy and proud students but also happy and proud families.


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Dr. Val Rae Boe

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