Dear visitor,

Since 2006, I have been fortunate to work in an environment that is collaborative and always at the forefront of innovation. When you walk through the hallways of our schools, you’ll see students programming robots, incorporating nature into their math classes, creating original artwork for gallery showings, and preparing for their future. 

Our staff are dedicated, passionate, and experts at what they do. It makes me proud to be superintendent of a school district such as this.

Our work also has its challenges. We empower students in our special education programs to develop the skills they need to eventually return to their home schools and learn among their peers. Our Career & Technical Center is always adjusting its course offerings to meet the needs of students, industry, and member districts. And our area learning centers are places where any student, regardless of how many credits they are missing or how inconsistent their attendance has been, can get on track, graduate from high school, and in many cases attend college.

All of this is possible because at 916, we believe in the potential of our youth, and we are committed to student success no matter what it takes.

I invite you to explore our schools, the services we offer, how we support families, and our career opportunities


Connie S. Hayes


Connie Hayes

Office of the Superintendent
Bellaire Education Center
2450 County Road F East
White Bear Lake, MN 55110 (map)

Connie Hayes
(p): 651-415-5656

Dan Naidicz
Assistant Superintendent
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Connie Ramberg
Executive Assistant