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    Creating Educational Partnerships 

    The mission of Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District is to respond to the unique needs of students, educators, and school districts with innovation, quality, and trusted experience.

    Northeast Metro 916 was created out of the recognition that individual school districts alone could not meet the complex and rapidly changing needs of all students. Another reality is that economies of scale can be realized through cooperation. 

    Northeast Metro 916 is one of three intermediate school districts in the Twin Cities metropolitan area that provide educational specialties to member districts and affiliates. These include Special Education, Career and Technical Education, and a variety of other Educational Services. 

    By creating educational partnerships, Northeast Metro 916 can support the development of programs and services to respond to the changing needs of the educational community.

    What You Told Us You Need

    Our experienced staff asked integration districts and other public educational cooperative leaders to identify the services and programs needed to help guide them into the future and achieve their educational goals. Here is what they told us they need in the way of resources that are not readily available or affordable for smaller schools:
    • Special education support
    • Consultation support

    The Affiliate Membership Solution

    The Northeast Metro 916 Affiliate Membership plan offers customized programs and services that respond to your unique needs. By collaborating with selected educational partners and providing resources to multiple schools, Northeast Metro 916 can offer the programs and services that were previously affordable only for larger schools and districts. 
    • Special Education Support: You gain access to expertise and programs from a special school district that has more than 30 years of experience in the field. This includes the option to contract for special education management, programs, and itinerant staff.
    • Consultation Support: You will have access to 50 hours of consultation in any combination of specialty areas available at Northeast Metro 916. Services range from design of special education programs to legal services to staff development. Additional consultation may be arranged if you utilize more than the core 50 hours of consultation included in your membership.

    Additional Membership Benefit

    As an Affiliate Member, you can enroll students, on a space-availability basis, in Northeast Metro 916"s Special Education programs and our Career and Technical Center (which offers more than 30 technical programs) at a discount from our non-member rates. You may request print information about these programs and opportunities to tour.

    For More Information

    For further information on Northeast Metro 916"s affiliate memberships, please call 651-415-5650. 

    For one annual membership fee, you can take advantage of the following services: