The health and well-being of each of our students and families are extremely important to us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can do to further enhance your experience at Northeast Metro 916.


It is important to report your student’s absence each day your child is absent from school. Please include in your message:

  • Student name
  • Teacher/case manager name
  • Reason for absence (illness, appointment, out of town)
  • Symptoms your child is experiencing or if they have been diagnosed with a communicable disease (fever, rash, influenza, strep throat)


Minnesota State Law requires that each student in a Minnesota school be protected from childhood diseases by receiving all required immunizations. Immunization records should be provided by the first day of school. Download the immunization form now. Parents/guardians may obtain a legal exemption for medical reasons or conscientious beliefs. Medical exceptions require a signature by a licensed health care provider. A notarized signature is required for conscientious objection.

Medications and procedures

Students may require prescription medication or medically necessary procedures during the school day. All prescription and over-the-counter medications and special health care procedures/treatments require orders by a licensed prescriber. The orders must be complete and specific and signed by a licensed practitioner and the parent/guardian before any medication or treatment is given. Medication must be supplied in the original, properly labeled pharmacy container. Parents/guardians are expected to transport medications to and from school. Download the medication authorization form.

List of forms

Greater Twin Cities United Way

The Greater Twin Cities United Way invests in solutions that address household stability, educational success, and economic opportunity. Learn about all their great resources to help students and families by visiting their website here.

Mental Health Resources