Northeast Metro 916 is one of four intermediate school districts in Minnesota, serving nearly 6,000 students through shared programming that includes career and technical education, special education services, area learning centers, and care & treatment. Through sharing resources, talent, and ideas, Northeast Metro 916 provides cost-effective, expert and reliable services to 13 member school districts and the students and families we collectively support.

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Intermediate school districts are specialty school districts that provide defined student services to a group of regular “member” school districts. Minnesota has four Intermediate Districts (916, 917, 287, and 288) that serve more than 20,000 students annually. These four intermediate districts serve 45 member school districts in total.

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Education that meets every student's need

Sharing staff and resources is a cost-effective way for traditional school districts to provide highly-specialized educational programs to students, families, and schools.

Intermediates offer more than 120 specialized educational programs and services to school districts in Minnesota. These are often specialized services that the member districts individually find difficult or too costly to provide on a smaller scale. For some services, students are referred by their district of residence. For others, students and parents can choose to enroll directly.

In service to member districts

Intermediates also offer a variety of other educational and administrative services such as itinerant staffing services, staff development, conference center, testing and assessment services, student accounting and billing services, supplemental educational services, and professional services like document imaging, joint purchasing, and fiscal agency services that help member districts to be more cost-effective.

Funding provided by local districts

Intermediate districts operate on a fee-for-service basis. Revenue to fund student services is generated by tuition billing. Learn more about how we're funded.