Building environments where students are happy and proud starts with the staff

At the center of our strategic actions visual is Happy and Proud: the 916 experience, and we know this starts with our staff and student's experience.

Happy & Proud Main Graphic

“We are one team. Our actions are interdependent. We collectively own the impact on programs and students. We have co-created and will collaboratively pursue our goals for this school year.” - Val Rae Boe

The 916 student experience is at the center of everything we do. We want to see happy and proud students walking our hallways thus creating our Vision for Student Learning strategic action. Our vision is to create conditions for student success with a guaranteed and viable standards-based curriculum, evidence-based instruction aligned to the needs of our students, and student-centered learning. We are focusing on building leadership and instructional capacity around these three areas.

Happy & Proud Vision Logo

Equity is another strategic action and a core component of all of our work and is necessary to maximize the potential of each individual student, staff, and family. We believe equity is a continuous and challenging process in which we must work to recognize and reduce assumptions and biases to truly understand the needs and potential of those whom we support. We are dedicated to fully engaging with others about our differences and deepening conversations around dignity, inclusion, and culture. We are committed to using equity to guide all interactions, decisions, and instruction.

Happy & Proud Equity Logo

Our last strategic action is Professional Support and Development. Our staff, regardless of their role or the site where they work, are changing lives. It can sometimes be hard to remember the aspects of our students or our jobs that keep us here: resilience, perseverance, hope, progress, joy, and the opportunity to make a difference. We want to build lasting careers, lasting relationships, and a lasting belief that all students and staff have incredible potential that needs to be nurtured. When we can create a school and district culture that is built to last, it will necessarily have a positive impact on both our staff and students.

Happy & Proud Professional Logo

Our strategic actions started with our Built to Last campaign and now have expanded into Happy and Proud: the 916 Experience. Below are some videos that were produced to showcase the built-to-last experience. When we can create a school and district culture that is built-to-last, it will necessarily have a positive impact on both our staff and students.