Itinerant and Related Services

Itinerant and Related Services at Northeast Metro 916 support students' overall educational programming through highly-specialized services.

Our goal:

  • Enhance educational opportunities for students

  • Empower student independence and student engagement

  • Reduce the impact of health-related barriers

  • Promote individual growth

Through our program member districts have access to a broad range of instructional and support services. These include licensed special education teachers across all disability/service areas, special education leadership positions, including coordination and due process staff, and consultation services for the areas of assistive technology, behavior instruction, and mental health.

Itinerant and Related Services staff serve students from our member and non-member school districts, as well as in Northeast Metro 916 site-based programs.

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Itinerant and Related Services

Quora Education Center
70 W County Rd B2
Little Canada, MN 55117
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(p): 651-415-5546
(f): 651-415-5509

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Key contacts

Jay Fehrman

Nikki VanOeveren
Assistant Manager

Josie Dohmen
Administrative Assistant

Kristin Wiley
Office Assistant