Itinerant and Related Services

Related Services at Northeast Metro 916 support students' overall educational programming through highly-specialized services. Our goal is to:

  • Enhance educational opportunities for students

  • Empower student independence and student engagement

  • Reduce the impact of health-related barriers

  • Promote individual growth

Through our program member districts have access to a broad range of instructional and support services including:

  • Licensed special education teachers across all disability/service areas

  • Special education leadership positions, including coordination and due process staff

  • Consultation services for the areas of assistive technology, behavior instruction and mental health

Related Services staff may be itinerant and serve students from our member and non-member school districts, as well as in Northeast Metro 916 site-based programs.

Related Services
Quora Education Center
70 W County Rd B2
Little Canada, MN 55117 (map)

(p): 651-415-5546
(f): 651-415-5558

Staff directory

Key contacts

Jay Fehrman
(p): 651-964-1274
(e): [email protected]

Nikki VanOeveren
Assistant Manager
(p): 651-415-5413
(e): [email protected]

Polly Jaeger
Administrative Assistant
(p): 651-415-5546
(e): [email protected]

Stacey Blizzard 
Office Assistant
(p): 651-415-5464
(e): [email protected]