Karner Blue Education Center 

    Program:  Neurobiological Disorders (NBD) Program          
    Students Served:  Kindergarten - 8
    Disabilities: Students with Autism, emotional and behavioral disorders, and cognitive disabilities.
    Parents/Guardians:  Please work with your school district as they will be responsible for completing the referral process.
    Program Location: Contact:
    3764 95th Avenue NE
    Blaine, MN 55014
    Phone: 651.415.6200
    Fax: 651.415.6275
    Val Rae Boe, Manager
    Phone: 651.415.6203 
    Naomi Lepore, Assistant Manager
    Phone: 651.415.6202
    Karner Blue Education Center was designed to address the specific needs of students with Autism, emotional and behavioral disorders, and cognitive disabilities. The environmental supports provided by the building design create a controlled space for students in which to learn, play, and relax. The focus on nature provides a calming atmosphere, and educational philosophies tied to nature and place build student's connections to their world. Karner Blue Education Center utilizes the Compassionate School model, which supports both physical and emotional health by helping students build relationships, self-regulate and achieve success in both academic and non-academic areas.
    Specialized Services
    • Proactive behavior strategies
    • Flexible and differentiated learning communities based on student needs
    • Individual/small group instruction
    • Naturalistic opportunities
    • Full range of related services including: speech/language, occupational/physical therapy, nursing, assistive technology, social work, mental health and Autism support
    • Developmental adaptive physical education and recreation/leisure/play instruction
    • Interactive SMART Board and iPad technology
    • Extended school year program as required by IEP

    The educational planning process involves a team of school district staff parents, agency professionals and Northeast Metro 916 staff.
    Referrals are made through the special education director of the student's home district.

    Transportation is provided by the home district.

    Students Served
    Students in grades Kindergarten though 8
    Students with Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), developmental cognitive disabilities (DCD), and emotional behavioral disorders (EBD) Students whose educational needs cannot be met in their home district             

     Karner Blue's Compassionate School Philosophy