916 Career + Tech Center's Educator of the Year

916 Career + Tech Center's Educator of the Year
Posted on 05/18/2023
Congratulations to Northeast Metro 916 Career and Technical Center's Outstanding Educator of the Year, Cindy Landers!
The 916 Career & Tech Center Educator of the Year Award is given each year to an educator who has made significant contributions to the support of the 916 Career & Tech Mission, its students, and staff. The candidates are nominated by their coworkers and chosen by the School Relations Committee, which is composed of representatives from each school district that is a member of 916. This award symbolizes the commitment to excellence in education. There were many great nominations this year, but one staff member rose to the top.
She is described as being dedicated, honest, and passionate. She consistently has students that are willing to come in early and stay late to help out and chat. Cindy builds positive relationships and always has time to check in with a smile. Quote a colleague, “I have never seen someone with so many hands-on learning activities that she cultivates and reworks every single year because of her dedication to helping each student succeed.”
Cindy sets high expectations for her students and challenges them to reach their full potential and holds them accountable for their progress as well as provides constructive feedback and encouragement to help students to achieve their goals. She has made a profound impact on her students, and she is dedicated to making a positive difference at 916 Career & Tech.