A film and pajamas
Posted on 02/08/2023

Project Return students at Bellaire helped organize a movie day for Bellaire students that included concession stands that were decorated to go with the movie, Finding Nemo.

The event took place in the school cafeteria and all students had to “pay” at the ticket booth to enter. Students used prior knowledge with their AAC devices to state what items they wanted to “purchase” at the concession stands inside the cafeteria. WELS-North students, who work at the White Bear Township Theater, made the real movie popcorn and delivered it to the school the day before the event.

Finding Nemo Concession Stand Finding Nemo Drinks

Finding Nemo Ticket Booth Project Return Student Finding Nemo Decos

Since the event took place the day before the Fall break, many staff and students dressed up in their pajamas for the day and enjoyed the film in style.

Bellaire Staff PJ Day

Project Return is a short-term, school-based program that is offered as an alternative to out-of-school suspension, or as an alternate educational setting. The students continue to pursue their academic goals while participating in community services designed to support positive behavior such as organizing events like a movie day with concessions.