Student receives Employee of the Year award

Student receives Employee of the Year award
Posted on 04/27/2023
Employee of the Year Award

South Campus Education Center student Bryce Seng has been named QC Pizza's 2023 Employee of the Year. Last fall, Bryce began working at QC Pizza in Mahtomedi as part of an unpaid 916 community work experience placement. After only a few weeks on the job, the owner of QC Pizza, Dennis Scheenkoth, recognized Bryce's hard work and commitment to excellence and offered him a paid position at the restaurant. 

Scheenkoth says, "We are truly grateful to have Bryce working for us. He brings a smile and is always happy to be here."   

While Bryce initially required the supervision of an EAS while at work, this support has been reduced over the school year, and he is now working independently. Bryce typically works about ten hours during the school week and often picks up extra weekend shifts. He balances his QC Pizza work schedule, school attendance, and personal lawn service business, Minnesota Lawn Ranger.  

When asked why he was chosen to receive this prestigious award, Bryce replied, "I work really hard." 916 Work Coordinator, Jillian Bukowski, added, "It has been so amazing to see his confidence grow each week! Every time I check in at his work site, Bryce is telling me about a new task he is learning, and he is glowing with pride."

Bryce is a shining example of how a student's passion, coupled with the dedication and support provided by 916 educators, results in our student's successful integration into community employment. His family, co-workers, and the South Campus community are incredibly proud of him for receiving this well-deserved award. Congratulations Bryce!