Developmental Cognitive Disabilities (DCD)

Photo of teen girl with DCD
Photo of young buy with DCD

Students with Developmental Cognitive Disabilities (DCD) have intellectual functioning significantly below average and often have associated with behavior challenges that require special education and related services. At 916, we know first-hand that people with DCD can overcome these challenges so they can truly learn, grow and thrive.

DCD does not include conditions primarily due to sensory or physical impairment, traumatic brain injury, autism spectrum disorders, severe multiple impairments, cultural influences, or inconsistent educational programming.

Northeast Metro 916 supports students with DCD in all of our general and special education programs, including alternative schools, care and treatment programs, and the Career and Technical Center.

We also support member districts with professional development, equipment, and other resources so they can meet the needs of students in their local schools.

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Students who require the highest level of services for their DCD learn in one of our federal setting IV schools. Currently, enrollment in these schools is limited to students from one of our 13 member districts.


We offer many services that support students with DCD, including: